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Distillery Family Spotlight

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Distillery Family Spotlight

Brothers Andy & Charlie Nelson had a revelation to revive their family’s distillery. Their family had told stories about Charles Nelson's whiskey-making prowess for years,but the brothers never realized the scale of their family's operation. In the 1800's, it was the biggest whiskey distillery in Tennessee outselling Jack Daniels by a multiple of 13, but stopped production during prohibition. Before Prohibition, the distillery made a number of different expressions, including the rye-heavy Belle Meade Bourbons the young Nelsons decided to launch the company with, and thus the brothers' rapt love of a good story and desire to resurrect the business grew into reality. Eleven Years later Nelson Green Brier is known across the world for its award winning whiskey. For more information on Nelsons Green Brier distillery

Belle Meade Bourbons Availible in 750mL:
Cognac, Madiera , Sherry ,Single