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Wine Family Spotlight 2

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Wine Family Spotlight 2

One of those “hyper-enthusiastic” wine geeks since college (writing volumes of tasting notes and spending all of my disposable income on wine), it wasn’t until age 33 that I worked my first harvest. I had a single goal in mind: to someday hold up a bottle of world-class wine and say to myself, “I made this.”

Today I’m fascinated to discover that my goal is never-ending… the pursuit of making fine wine goes on forever. Each vintage brings new challenges and triumphs, more discoveries and deeper desires. Palates evolve, knowledge grows, new vineyards beckon, ideas flow. It’s really about the journey after all.

Along the way I’ve been fortunate to befriend many to whom I owe great thanks. Bruce Devlin, winemaker at Ballentine Vineyards and co-owner of Three Clicks Wines, and Bill Hunter, owner and winemaker at Chasseur Wines, hired me to work their 2002 and 2003 harvests. Each offered patience and guidance as I strived to learn their craft. Mike Officer and Jay Maddox of Carlisle Winery & Vineyards merit special thanks for being the most generous mentors an aspiring winemaker could ever imagine. The list goes on as countless other winemakers, growers and vineyard managers throughout Sonoma and Napa share their experience and camaraderie every year. It’s a remarkable community of which I’m proud to be an active member.

Two wonderful people provide further inspiration and support each day. Colleen Teitgen-Humphrey (my wife, business partner and co-owner) curates and produces our artist labels, designs and manages our website, and offers personal attention and care to our many list members. Renee Humphrey (my sister, business partner and co-strategist) manages much of our business operations, our national and international wholesale distribution, and provides wise counsel on a regular basis.

Together we strive to capture the best of every vintage in bottle, showcase inspired art on every label, and share it all with as many people as possible every day. We hope you're inspired to join us on the journey!


Owner | Winemaker

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